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Let me help you become the best version of yourself.

Programs offered: Image

Beast-Mode Mommas Programs

Become your strongest self, from the inside, out.

Hustlin' at Home : 4 week online fitness program

Do you love the 10 minute challenge but are ready for something more?

Join this pilot online fitness program!

4 weeks. 3 x 30-40 minute workouts per week.

Live recorded for you to do at your convenience. 

lets do this!

March MOM Program


Limited spaces available


This is for you. March 4 week program is here for you.

YES babies and kids are welcomed. NO there is no age limit for your littles, as long as they're still littles. So if you're a stay at home mom, or a work from home mom, this can still be for you.

This is a progressive program focusing on corrective exercise and core activation to keep us safe. 

Choose what works for you:

MWF @ 10:15 am

TTH @ 10 am



MPS Scar Release Therapy



I am now offering MPS Scar Release Therapy.


This treatment is FDA and Health Canada approved, it can speed up the healing process, decrease pain in the connective tissue, help to loosen any internal adhesions, and helps to relax and fade the scar. If you have numbness, this therapy will change your life.


How it works: Using two Dolphin Neurostim devices, I will send safe, low level, electrical currents to the scar to help reintroduce circulation, also, to re-polarize the skin surrounding the scar. 


After just one session, there will be a change in the pliability of the scar. After a series of MPS sessions (*typically* 4-5), blood circulation, flow of energy, and lymph drainage in the scar is normalized.

PRICE DROP! I want to help as many people as possible.

60 minute session : $99 + hst

4 session package $99 x 4 = $396. Save the tax!

6 session package $99 x 6 = $594. Save the tax! AND! minus 10%. $534.

Please send an email to to book your sessions. 

Moving into Motherhood

Registration opens March 1st.

Program starts April 14th.

To all my pregnant Mommas: This is for you!

We will cover everything from cardio to core, glutes to hip mobility, mindset to mental imagery.

This is an 8 week in person program. Sunday mornings at 9 am. 

Special to this program: We are so happy to offer TWO special seminars from local Pelvic Floor Therapists. These women are very educated and informative.

6 PM Sweat 8 WEEK Program


Registration opens March 1st. Program begins April 9th.


Here we go, folks!

Limited spaces available. Open to ALL women.

8 week program.

Located at 101 Longworth Avenue

Sunday Sessions

Registration opens March 1st.

Let's hit this hard before Summer. We take summers off, because the beach is the place to be on Sundays in Summer.

Program starts April 14th.

Every Sunday at 10 AM. Spaces are limited!

Located at 101 Longworth Avenue

1:1 Accountability Training

Do you put yourself last on your to-do list?

Never have enough time for yourself?

Well, let's change that. If you don't give yourself the time you need to be your best and healthiest self, you will eventually deteriorate. 

I give you workouts. I give you some "Rules" to follow. We have weekly check-ins. You have my support and I keep you accountable. 


This. Is. Fail Proof.

1:1 Life Coaching

Life gets sticky sometimes. We get a little lost on the road of self development.

The path gets foggy.

Let me help you clear the fog.

Let me help you set new goals. Let me help you stop telling yourself the same old story, and re-write the story of who you want to become.

Your past doesn't have to be your future. 

These life coaching sessions are once a week, three month minimum.

Join me now, I'd love to help you, help yourself.

Corrective exericise and core breathing assessment session

Are you curious if you are a chest breather or a belly breather? Do you engage your core properly? Are you firing up the right muscle groups in your movements?

These 75 minute sessions will provide you with key components and tricks to help you understand and facilitate proper movement during your exercise routine.

Mind muscle connection is a powerful thing!

6 month reset

Are you ready? Are you ready to change your life?

If the answer is YES, like a FUCK yes, then email me now. Do. Not. Wait to hear about this 6 month reset. 

It will CHANGE who you are, and we will re-write your story.

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Programs offered: Classes
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